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Orthopedic management and referral system training was conducted
June 27, 2024, Cheshire Ethiopia Menagesha Rehabilitation Center conducted a training session to strengthen the national health system to provide effective rehabilitation services.

The training was specifically designed to concentrate on orthopedic management and the development of referral systems for healthcare professionals such as nurses, midwives, and social workers.

The target audience for the training included professionals working within health centers and hospitals, aiming to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance the provision of rehabilitation services.
Awareness raising workshop Conducted.
On June 28, 2024, Cheshire Ethiopia Managesha Rehabilitation Center successfully organized a one-day awareness-raising workshop on disability mainstreaming with health administrators in Addis Ababa.

The primary objective of the workshop was to contribute to strengthening the national health system to provide Rehabilitation intervention through disability mainstreaming.

The participants included health administrators from various zones, cities, and sub-cities, hospital CEOs, and regional health bureau representatives.

The workshop concluded with a shared emphasis on the importance of disability mainstreaming, and to collaborate with Cheshire Ethiopia in efforts to enhance rehabilitation interventions.
ቆልማማ እግር (Clubfoot) ምንድን ነው?
FM 92.3 ከማዕካላችን የፊዝዮቴራፒ ባለሙያ ከ ትንቢት አክሊሉ ጋር ያደረገውን ቃለ ምልልስ እንደሚከተለው ቀርቧል።
Regional Health Bureau Rehabilitation team visited CE MRC.
On July 9, 2024, a delegation of rehabilitation experts from the Oromia Health Bureau visited the Cheshire Ethiopia Menagesha Rehabilitation Center. Led by the team lead Mr. Abdi Legesse, the group included managers from two governmental rehabilitation centers: Nekemte and Asella Rehabilitation Center. The purpose of the visit was to exchange experiences and explore collaboration opportunities in providing rehabilitation services.

After an overview presentation about Cheshire Ethiopia, the team toured all service outlets within the center. Impressed by what they observed, the team expressed willingness to send technical teams for further knowledge exchange.

Finally, Mr. Abdi emphasized the importance of this visit and his commitment to fostering collaboration.
Central Ethiopia region delegate visited CE – MRC
On July 11, 2024, a delegation from the Central Ethiopia region visited Menagesha Rehabilitation Center. The delegates represented the Regional Health Bureau and the Labor and Social Affairs Bureau. Notable members of the delegation included Dr. Dawit Daniel, the regional health bureau clinical service team coordinator, Ato Habtamu Berhanu from the regional BolSA, and Ato Alemayehu from the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs.

The purpose of their visit was to sightsee opportunities for partnership in establishing mobile outreach sites and enhancing rehabilitation services in the region

After touring all service units, the delegation affirmed that our organization is well-suited to be a valuable partner in delivering rehabilitation services within the region.
FDRE ACSO Director General visited Cheshire Ethiopia Menagesha Rehabilitation Center.

On July 17, 2024, Mr. Samson Biratu, the Director General of the Authority for Civil Society Organization (ASCO) visited CE MRC.

The Director general's visit was led by the Chief executive officer of CE, Ato Fasil Ayele, and the program director of CE, Ato Ermias Mekonin.

After visiting all the center's services, the challenges we have been facing while providing these services were raised and discussed.

Finally, the Director General completed his visit by forwarding his impression and planting a tree 🌴 in our compound.