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Menagesha Rehabilitation Center

Is located 20 km west of Addis Ababa with a capacity of  120 beds. It is a national referral Center and mainly admits children aged 5-18 years affected by post-polio paralysis and those children that have club- foot. The Center provides comprehensive pre and post-operative boarding care along with physiotherapy, informal education, handicraft, hydrotherapy and mobility devices. Play and recreation are a natural part of childhood, and vital to normal development.

Children through Pre and post-operative strengthening exercises, stretching exercises, manual massage therapies, donkey assisted therapy, electro therapies and POP (Plaster of Paris) correction pre and post minor surgeries for children with different types of foot and leg deformities due to post-polio paralysis, congenital club foot, cerebral palsy, burn contracture and other congenital malformation of the lower extremities. In addition to the therapeutic modalities mentioned above, the physiotherapy section recently started to give hydrotherapy services for children under rehabilitation.

CE is set to provide orthopedic surgery service as part of its   vision  of  becoming   an institution of center of excellence in the provision of standard rehabilitation service.