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Strategy of Program Implementation

Center Based Program

Cheshire Ethiopia provides center based services in its Menagesha,Dire Dawa ,Hawassa and Addis Ababa Rehabilitation centers.CE-Menagesha and CE-Dire Dawa  admit 140 clients at a time ,i.e. 120 and 20  respectively. Menagesha rehabilitation Center is a national rehabilitation and referral center for rehabilitation of Persons with disabilities mainly children aged 5-18 years affected due to post-polio paralysis.


Mobile Outreach Services

Historically the mobile outreach service was established to make follow up of children discharged from Menagesha Rehabilitation Center. Currently the mobile outreach is deployed from three centers (Menagesha (22,) Hawassa (8), and Dire Dawa (8) making the total outreach post thirty eight.  Cheshire Ethiopia Mobile Rehabilitation Team provides follow up service for disabled children and young people in different localities and monitors more than 6500 clients annually, by accessing walking aids such as crutches, braces, shoes and walking frames. During field operation new clients are identified and provided with on the spot rehabilitation. In cases where there is need for further evaluation and professional support they are given appointments for admission to Menagesha.


Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program is an off shoot of the mobile outreach services whereby children with developmental impairments such as mental retardation cerebral palsy   and other multiple disabilities are rehabilitated using community approach. In order to make the rehabilitation service effective and economically empower parents of children with disabilities, the program access livelihood, educational and vocational skill training. At present Cheshire Ethiopia implements CBR programs in Hawassa, Dire Dawa and Harar towns.


Strategic Partnership with Lillian Foundation 

In 2009, Cheshire Services Ethiopia and Lillian Foundation forged into partnership aimed at addressing medical, socio-economic and livelihood needs of children and young people with disabilities. As a strategic partner to Lillian Foundations Cheshire Ethiopia facilitates grant to 13 partner local organizations and coordinates the effectiveness of the respective organizations operation.